1. Find your foundation type: Before picking out a foundation shade, I suggest finding the right formula for your skin type. For oily skin I recommend using an oil-free foundation, a moisturizing one if your skin is dry, and a cream-to-powder if you have combination skin. Sometimes, especially with us Latinas with medium or dark skin, our skin get very oily and it can make your foundation appear darker. Try an oil-free formula in a shade lighter so it doesn’t turn dark on you. I like Neutrogena Shine Control Oil-Free Foundation ( $14).

2. Figure out your undertones: Knowing your undertones (the subtle tint of color beneath our skin) is essential when it comes to finding your perfect foundation match. I have a simple trick I use to help determine what your undertone are: “Wear a white T-shirt and look in the mirror. You’ll notice right away if your skin is more on the warm (yellow) or cool (red) side,” Foundations that are more yellow-based tend to work best on medium and dark skin tones.

3. Test it out: The truth is you can’t figure out what foundation is for you without testing it out first. I suggest choosing three different bottles that look closets to your skin tone and test them on your jaw line. Make sure that the color blends with your neck. If one is too light or too dark, the one in between is your shade. If you are buying foundation at a drugstore, try bringing a foundation you already own from home that perfectly matches your skin. Hold it  up against the other three shades and chose the one that’s closest match. Believe me, I used to do this all the time it really works!.

4. If you still can’t find your perfect match: Stuck between two shades? I suggest going for the shade thats a little lighter versus the one thats a bit darker. Once the foundation sits in your skin its going to go darker, especially on us latinas.

5. Own more than one shade: I highly recommend having 2-3 different foundations shades. One for winter, summer and in between. Makes perfect sense, our skin tone does change with the different seasons.

6. Know how to apply: You can use a brush, a sponge, or even your fingers. But I have the perfect trick for a flawless complexion: I take a regular foundation sponge and wet it a little just so that its damp, then go over foundation. it blends so nicely and becomes like second skin