Foundation Application

The key to a perfect and radiant makeup lies in the correct application of the base of makeup. There are several ways to apply the base but in the following steps I will explain in detail how to apply foundation with a brush.

  1. Before explaining the steps to apply the makeup with a brush is essential to know what types of brushes are suitable for a perfect finish. Among the best brushes for the foundation of makeup are: Flat synthetic hair brush that offers a natural and uniform result.
    ‘Skunk’ brush combining synthetic and natural hair and is ideal for lighter coverage.
  2. Once you have the right makeup brush, do not forget that before applying any cosmetic your face must be completely clean and free of impurities. To look a much smoother complexion and without imperfections at the end of the makeup, we advise to apply before the foundation the pre-base call or primer. This will make the makeup stay intact for longer while being perfect on any occasion.
  3. The process for applying the make-up with a brush is very simple. First, place a little foundation on the back of the hand and with the brush take a minimum amount of product and start to spread it over the face. You should apply it by light strokes always beginning with the central part of the face (central area of the forehead, nose, chin) to gradually extend it with circular movements through the area of the cheeks and towards the outside of the face.
  4. As simple as that! Try to diffuse the makeup well and spread it evenly all over the face so that you do not notice unsightly cuts. It affects mainly in the area of hair growth, in the part of the ears and the neck, since these are zones in which the cuts can be noticed more easily.